Hello lovebirds.

I experienced my first earthquake the other night. It only lasted for a few seconds and wasn't really a big deal at all.  It kinda sounded and felt like someone tried to park their big truck right outside of our window... 
Me and my love just heard a noise and looked at each other... I went "woaah" and he asked "earthquake?". And then we just fell asleep haha...
I'm happy that it was just a small one!

Right now I'm thinking of all the homeless people in New York... Sandy is not nice!! I see all of these status updates on fb, people saying that they don't have any electricity but what about the homeless? They can't even protect themselves.

Brooklyn is flooded and I'm thinking of my baby's family. I hope that everyone is ok!


Yummy Juice?

Long time no see, eh? Well, not really.

Had a fun day with my friend Brandi yesterday. We walked around Los Feliz and Silverlake and looked at Halloween stuff. I don't know if we're gonna do anything on Halloween but it's always fun to look around.

It's nice to have some girl time every now and then and just talk about girly problems, haha. We got thirsty and went to this über healthy juice/smoothiebar. I ordered one with acai, blueberries, beets, apples and grapes. It looked nice but it was nasty. He should have put more apples in it to make it sweeter...
But the weirdo Brandi got one with broccoli, parsley and other crazy stuff! And lemme tell you, it took us a loooooong time to drink them, hahaha.

Me and my love are going to the Grove today. He needs to go to the Apple store and fix his computer. Other than that, I don't know what we're gonna do. I really want some arabic food!

Eid Mobarak to all of my friends and family!

We saw this during our walk and I thought of a crazy cat lady that I know.... My mom.


I'm sitting here on the bed and the windows just started shaking! Ahhhhhhhh! It's so WINDY outside and I hate it!! 
Especially since the fire escape is right outside of our window, so it sounds like someone is knocking! 

I haven't felt comfy in this apartment since we moved in and I don't really know why. I think the feng shui is just OFF and the guy who lives here told us that someone broke into his apartment through the window (because he forgot to lock it) and stole his computer. 

I haven't slept that good either and I just feel a negative energy in here. I don't know what it is! My hubby doesn't feel anything "weird" in here though... Lol. 

But yeah, must be the feng shui... Or something? 

Save me from this wind! Hahaha...


We had plans yesterday but something got in the way so it all got canceled. Instead, we had a fatty day. What's a fatty day, you ask... Well, a day when you eat nothing but crap. Haha!

I wanted chocolate cake so we went to the store late at night, everything is open 24h, and bought some cake, cookies, chips etc... Hahaha :) Oh well, better enjoy life!

And today we were gonna do what we were supposed to do yesterday but it got canceled AGAIN. Haha, how annoying! 
But it's ok, because my love had to go to work! Well, he's trying it out to see if it's a good fit! It's pretty far away tho so I feel bad for him! 

It feels weird to be alone but it's all worth it in the end. I'll just eat the rest of the cake and watch some Netflix, haha. FATTY.

Me backstage of Lea York's fashion show... Eating MCDONALDS haha :)


Here's some pictures from Saturday night when we went to the art opening...


Another day on Earth and I feel so happy to be alive. 
It feels like things are getting better and that we're getting closer and closer to fulfilling our dreams/goals.

I have so many ideas and I know that I can do it. Unfortunately, I can't share any of them right now but you'll probably be a part of it all in the future. 

Fell sleep late last night so of course I woke up late this morning... Went to some stores with my love becaue he had to get some equipment for his mini-studio. Finally, he's got everything he needs to record at home. I'm so happy for him since it's been forever since he was able to record at the crib. 

We're gonna take it easy today because tomorrow we have a busy day... We have to go and look at another sublet. It takes like an hour+ to get there by bus! Sucks when it would probably only take 10-20 by car.
And we have some other errands after that... 

What's up with you guys?

Artsy Fartsy.


I've had a super fun weekend and I enjoyed every minute of it. 

Friday: We went to our friends house and just chilled. The boys recorded some vocals and we had a really good time. My friend Brandi is a freelance hair & make up artist and she wanted to try a new look and asked me if I could be the model. I'll never say no to an offer like that! It feels so good when someone is doing your hair or make up haha... She did a very dark look with some blue in it! 

Saturday: A friend came over and we relaxed for a few hours before it was time to meet up with the friends from the night before! We headed out to a very artsy fartsy neighborhood where a photographer that Brandi worked with before were showing some of his work. The photographer's name is Steezy and I had never seen any of his work before so I didn't know what we were about to see... But, apparently, he likes naked women. Haha!
He had some reaaaally extreme art, pictures of women's private parts etc. A lot of people showed up and he sold every single piece! Very inspiring. 

When they closed, we left to catch the bus and happened to walk by another art opening. And let me tell you... We all loved it! His name was Sean ( and his art was just completely AMAZING. As soon as we stepped into his studio, we could smell the incense and he was playing some really relaxing music. It felt like meditation-heaven! We all went ohhh, ahhhh, wooooooow when we saw his work. 

Sunday: Me and my love met up with his twin. Haha, ok... They're not really twins but they were born on the same day. I've heard so much about that guy and Hashim is always putting his stickers everywhere. His friend is a very talented artist! 
He picked us up and we went to a neighborhood called Little Tokyo and ate some yummy food. I ordered beef curry with rice and it was delicious. 
After that, we went to Melrose and walked around for a bit and on the way home we stopped by this popular ice cream place called "Milk". I had some blueberry crumble pie and salty caramel! Holyyyyyyyy shi..... It was so good and made me miss my mom's amazing blueberry pie. 
So basically, today (sunday) was really all about FOOD haha... We had a good time and it was nice to see more of LA. It's waaaay easier when you have a car!

Right now, I'm eating some fruit and just relaxing. My babe is sleeping so I'm pretty bored...
I'll find something to do tho... I just wish I had some pizza! MMMMMMMMMMMMM.

The Grove

Hello dear blog readers! Watitdew, like my love would say...

Today we had a mission. Job hunting! We went to the famous "The Grove", which is oooovvverrrated by the way! It was just one street, a really nice one though, with a bunch of stores.
And then we continued down Melrose... 

It was nice to see all of these areas that they always talk about on tv. My love told me about when he used to sell CD's on Melrose and sold some to Denzel Washington, Left Eye amongst others. 

It was super hot today aswell but not as hot as yesterday. I've been feeling ill today though, headache and a little nausea. Might have been because of some food or accidentally drinking some of the water? I don't know!


Have a great night/day, depending on where you live haha...

Found the picture on google.... So, this is THE GROVE. 


The weather in Los Angeles is amazing. Today it's 34 degrees celsius and we're melting away. We've been inside a lot but today I was like, hey people are freezing in Sweden and I have to go back soon so LET'S GO OUT!
But honestly, if you don't have a pool or an ocean nearby... It's just annoying. Especially if you don't have a car, lol. 

We went to Staples and printed out my baby's resumé (which is amazing btw) and then we walked back home because we just couldn't take it anymore! 

It's too hot to move, haha. Don't get me wrong, I still love it. It's way better than being cold.

Right now, we're just waiting for the sun to set so that we can go to the store and get some water or something. You can't drink the tap water here... Sucks!!
Aaaaaaaaand... I'm gonna buy a donut or two because I've been craving it for three days! 

What are you guys up to?

OMG I'm naked. But damn, I wish I had a pool right now!!


I'm clumsy. Never used to be but I've been super duper clumsy lately...

Did you guys know that you could get bruises on the bottom of your foot? Ok, don't know if that's the proper word for it? But oh well, can't be a pro at everything! Haha...

Well, I didn't know that you could. But now when I think about it, it kinda makes sense? Anyways...

It was dark and I stepped on my charger. Hard. I screamed. Kinda like when you hit your funny bone and you're paralyzed for a minute or two? Haha... 
My charger is not sharp but it managed to scrape up some of the skin AND give me a bruise! A pretty big one. And it hurts. 

I told you i'm clumsy... But hey, I couldn't see anything so I blame it on that.

And now when I look down, I notice that I have a bruise on my ankle bone. Hahaha I just remembered that I hit it a few days ago... What the hell is wrong with me? Hahahaha.

My ouch-hand. I always seem to burn it, somehow... 


I'm such a freaking weirdo!!!!!!!!!!!!! I keep posting things on my other blog when I'm supposed to blog here! 

We stayed at our friend's house last night so that the guys could work on some music.
Me and my love went to this mexican restaurant in the neighborhood and we absolutely loved it! So yummy!
I had chicken fajita with corn tortillas and my babe ordered a wet burrito. Yep, you could eat it wet or dry haha...

When we were done, we realized that they were actually closing when we got there but they still let us eat. I felt kinda bad, haha... But THANK YOU! 

For dessert, I had a 7eleven brownie. I love those! They're so expensive in Sweden but here they cost a little over a dollar. 

Since this seems to be a food post haha, I'll continue and tell you what we ate today! We were so hungry when we got off the train so we went to McDonalds. And hear this, we got 20 nuggets, big mac meal, medium fries, a cheeseburger and a mcdouble for about $13! CHEAP. No wonder people are so fat here! 

I'm happy that the dollar is so low low low. 

McDonalds in Sweden... or "Donken" as we like to call it.


It's been a cool day so far... Our homie that we stayed with in San Diego last year came through and chilled with us for a bit. 
Today we went to his friend's studio, where I got free oreos. Yum. 

Right now, we're at another friend's house and in his studio. Haha... A lot of music stuff going on today! 

I can't say it enough, I love having creative people around me. 
It inspires me to do better.

We only had breakfast today (egg wraps with a side of some pineapple and plum) so we're starving right now! About to head out and go get some food... 


If you have a tumblr - follow me! >

Believe it or not, but I'm actually active on that site now!! It's a miracle.



Today is another day.

God morgon!

It's getting a little cold here in LA... Well, around 20 degrees celsius. Still way hotter than in Sweden but people here are wearing thick sweaters and coats, hahaha...
It was actually raining yesterday and it will probably rain today, but that's ok... 

I always check my email every morning and today I got a nice surprise... An email from my dad aka baba! 
He hardly knows how to use a computer but I sent him a birthday email a few days ago and he actually replied. Wow! Hahaha. 
I miss my family.

I don't know what we're doing today. We'll probably just chill! Either way, I'll blog lateerrrroo!

Yesterday's nails.


I'm not loving the blog design that I have going on right now... 
I'll probably work on it soon! So, don't judge me when it looks like crap... Haha!

The Alley.


Me and a friend went shopping today in the Fashion District. We went to a place called "The Alley". It's basically alleys/streets full of stores with cheap stuff... Haha! They had a lot of trendy things and we wanted it all. Kinda.

I bought three tops, some nail polish and decorations and a lovely ring. I wanted to find some shoes but of couuuuurse, they didn't have my size. Having big feet is a curse. 

We'll probably go back there someday!

Fashion district.

So what do you guys think... Should I blog in english or in swedish? My mom wants me to blog in swedish haha...

Woke up early this morning because i'm heading out to go shopping with a friend in LA's fashion district! I'm really looking forward to it since I've heard so much about it. 
I'm hoping to find shoes, maybe a top or two and of course NAIL POLISH. Can't live without my polish.

We did our laundry last night and gosh, I can't believe that you have to pay $1 for each machine when it's IN YOUR BUILDING. Hahaha, that's just weird. 
Plus, my fave shirt shrunk in the dryer. Damn. It.

It takes me about 15 min to walk to the metro so I better get ready now!

Have a great day!

heart it.


I love this look. 



I'm back here at creativityisbliss after blogging at for a few months during my stay in Canada. 
Since I'm no longer in British Columbia, I'll be using this blog from now on! 

I will (probably) blog in english but I haven't really made up my mind yet... I wanna please all categories of blogreaders so I'm guessing that it's better if I write in english. 

Excuse all of my mistakes and my grammar from time to time... It's not my first language! Haha.

Anywaaaays... I just wanted to let you guys know that I'M BACK! 

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