A surprise on the bus.

Me and my hubby took the bus home today from town. On the bus, we sat next to some guy who had a big white box in his lap. I didn't really pay much attention to it but after a while, my hubby said that he thinks the guy has a living animal in that box.
I said naaah, i don't think so... I don't see any holes.
My hubby then took a closer look and he said it got holes in it!
So we started thinking about what he could have in that box... And at the next stop, the guy was getting off so my hubby asked: A cat?
The guy laughed and answered: No, a snake!


I said EWWWWWWWW and i wanted to say GET OFF, GET OFF but then i thought that wouldn't be too nice.
But if you know me, you know that i HATE snakes. I can't even see a picture of a snake without freaking out. I was so happy though that i didn't know the content of the box earlier. I don't really know what i would have done if i knew...


2010-12-20 @ 01:28:55

Oj, spännade. Jag har aldrig sett att någon haft ett djur i en sån låda. Ganska smart att ha en vit låda, då man inte ser vad som är i. Hade nog inte vart så bra om någon -du, såg att det var en orm och sen kanske skulle få panik eller nåt.

Btw, jag har hållt i en orm och jag blev förvånad över hur mjuka och lena de var. Var lite nervös, men de var inte så "farligt" som jag trodde. :D

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