I'm back here at creativityisbliss after blogging at for a few months during my stay in Canada. 
Since I'm no longer in British Columbia, I'll be using this blog from now on! 

I will (probably) blog in english but I haven't really made up my mind yet... I wanna please all categories of blogreaders so I'm guessing that it's better if I write in english. 

Excuse all of my mistakes and my grammar from time to time... It's not my first language! Haha.

Anywaaaays... I just wanted to let you guys know that I'M BACK! 


2012-10-11 @ 09:26:15

I`m looking forward to read about your new life and sircumstances in USA-I will follow you(Sorry about my bad english) Hugs/Sis

2012-10-11 @ 15:06:23

Självklart hoppas jag du skriver på svenska eftersom jag inte fattar precis allt på engelska. Eller kompromissa och översätt de ord du tror att lilla mamma hemma i Sverige inte förstår.

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