I haven't posted anything in so long and i haven't even been thinking about it. But now it's 3.20 in the morning and i still can't sleep. I have too much stuff on my mind.
One day, you reach a point in your life when you have to make super important decisions. Life changing. Don't you just hate that? Everything feels scary.
I don't really know what to blog about haha. I just felt like writing something.

Everybody hearts pictures.


Grandson for sale.

A 45-year old woman tried to sell her 8-week-old grandson for $30 000. Well, she wanted $75k at first but then the undercover police informant got the lady to agree to less.
If this isn't sad then i don't know what is...
Watch the video above to know more about it.

Project runway.

Shoes designed by Hash.

I've been busy watching season 7 of project runway. That show reeeaaalllyyy inspires me and makes me wanna design my own clothes even more. I've always liked that stuff and i always thought i'd be a fashion designer. I still don't know how to even draw patterns or how to sew. Haha. Don't even ask me why...
In 9th grade, my teacher told me that she wanted some free clothes from my future collection. What happened? Why didn't i follow my dream?
Oh well, can't do anything about it know besides start doing it. It's never too late to follow your dreams.
Remember that!
What's your dream?

Relaxing saturday.

It's late and i'm sitting here thinking about the day i've had. I spent it with my hubby and it was perfect. We just made dinner and relaxed but it was still super special. He makes me so happy and i'm proud to be his girl.
I love when you think about your day and just smile. You don't have to go to wild parties, jump out of an airplane or go to fashion shows, even though those things would be awesome to do, to have fun and enjoy life.
Spending time with the one you love is the best thing ever. I wouldn't trade it for anything right now.

What moments do you cherish the most?

Sapto Djojokartiko Look Book 2010

It's often advised to not do black on black because it's hard to get the details if it's not photographed correctly. Indonesia's Luki took the challenge and did it anyways for Sapto Djojokartiko's look book and look how it turned out! Freaking awesome. I heart it.

Burberry - Fall 2010.

I like these army inspired looks.


I hate when people think they can fool me. I see the true you.
It's pretty easy actually.

My love.

This is my man, the one i love.
The most amazing and beautiful creation i've ever known or seen.
Check out his blog right HERE.


If there's something i've realized after being alive for 21 years, it's that you can't trust anyone but yourself. I mean it. You might think you can but you never know how the person is going to react or change. It's impossible for you to know. You can just hope they won't hurt you.
I'm not walking around thinking that i can't trust anyone because that would suck. You have to give people a chance but still, you never know. Just do your best and if some shitty thing happens, it happens.
I do trust that some people wouldn't hurt me on purpose. That's the most important thing.

Jean Paul Gaultier.


They say i'm a dreamer.

"dreamer" by Hashim Mills.
Should i delete this blog or keep on writing meaningless shit? Haha. Nah, i wouldn't say it's meaningless but it sure isn't exciting. Yup, i said it, i don't love my blog.
Well duh, i know it's up to me and i'm working on it. But sometimes you just have more important stuff to deal with than an unknown blog.
If i can be super honest... I don't like writing about other people. I mean, some people inspire me but why would i love to write about some designer, blogger or rich kid when it's exactly something i wanna be? Haha.
I want to write about myself. My clothes, my money, my creations.
And i will, trust me, i will. Everything just takes a lot of time if you're not already rich or famous or both.
I'd love to be rich and not famous. That would be awesome! I mean, it's going to be awesome! Ha!
I can't really talk much about my plans and ideas because they're personal. I mean, being personal is a good thing as long as it doesn't go too far. I don't want you to know everything about me. You scare me. Haha, not really but it wouldn't be too smart to tell strangers every single detail of your life. That's todays good advice for you!


Curiosity can both harm you and help you. Before you ask something, really think about if the answer could possibly harm you or not. Do you really need to know? Want to know?
If you do, just go for it.
I've heard since i was a little kid that i'm curious but so what? I love it.
It could also harm you if you're not curious enough... Think about it!
That's it for now, i just wanted to give you a few words of wisdom. Haha.
Over and out.


Picture by my hubby, Hashim Mills.
I think it sucks how people look down at "evening persons". There's morning persons and there's evening persons. And don't you act like there's no problem here!
I have met alot of people and i have a few in my life that alwaaaays talks shit about people who thinks it's suuuuper hard to wake up at 05.30 and go to bed at 9ish.
"Ohhhh loooord, you stayed up until 02.00?! You must truly be the devil himself!"
I'm an evening person myself but something that morning persons always get wrong is that they think we sleep more than they do. We don't. I mean, i love to sleep but if i would go to bed 21.30 like you, i'd probably wake up early... Just like you.
I love the evenings, i love staying up late. Not every night though! But when i say stay up late, i don't mean stay up late partying or talking to people. I mean staying up late, thinking about my life and what i want to do. I get all my great ideas at night!
I just think it's unfair to look down at those who go to bed "late". Why do you even care?! I could write about this subject forever but i won't because that would probably bore you to death and i think you already got the point.
Sooooo... Next time you see me, don't you dare talk crap about evening persons! At least i'm being creative and doing something, AT NIGHT, yes. But what are you doing?


Warning! Long and important post.

I've had a couple of blogs before and i've noticed something... Most people only care about shallow things. I mean, i'm all for shallow things BUT you should never forget about what's truly important in life.
I get all the readers when i write about H&Ms new stuff or the most recent pictures of Kate Moss. But they all disappear when i write about deep stuff, stuff like... War?
I find it funny actually, why are humans acting like this? Why won't some of us just open our eyes and face reality?
People are suffering, dying, losing everything they've got while some of us are out shopping. Like i said, i'm not against shallow things. I love being shallow sometimes and i love shopping. But, i always think about those who can't even afford to eat everyday or have a bed to sleep in. It makes me cry and it's one of the reasons to why i wanna get filthy rich. I wanna help.
I don't really know what i'm trying to say with this post. Maybe that we're all stupid? Maybe i'm calling YOU stupid? Who knows? I don't. I'm just so sick of us. Humans. We're disgusting. We don't know shit about anything.
I just know that there's a few people in this world who are controlling everything. I mean, EVERYTHING. We need to wake up, do some research and put an end to this misery. No, i'm not talking about dying! Silly. I'm talking about changing our lives. Even though a president promised a change, it won't be a change to the better unless we all do something. Yes, just do SOMETHING. Please don't be naive or stupid.
Maybe i've heard too many conspiracy theories but don't you want to know what's really going on in the world?
My hubby introduced me to a pretty cool and funny man called Alex Jones. We listen to his radioshow every now and then and i think you should too. Go to this link to find out more about the world we're living in.


To be honest... This blog-thing is getting boring. It's not as easy as you may think. I'm trying to entertain you, inspire you or just make you feel good but it doesn't seem to work.

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