Willow Smith.


I bet that most of you have heard this song plenty of times by now. Everybody seems to love it but as soon as i heard it, i just thought about how scary the world is.
It's a catchy song but do you really think that 9 year olds should be singing songs like this one?
It's so scary how she's wearing fake hair, fake nails, having dancers doing crazy stuff on the floor and people are loving it?
I don't know about you but when i was nine, i was still playing with toys.
Yes, i know, she must love dressing up etc but come on... It's a little bit deeper than that!
Well, maybe i'm being boring, you tell me. But i still think it's wrong and scary as hell.
The end. Haha.



More Hash.

Only Thing Missing_produced by LeChef by hashmills
Dope demo_produced by Lechef by hashmills
Zoooom Hashim Mills produced by Lechef by hashmills
I think you need to get Hashified.
For more songs, go to:

A Giant Lego Map of Europe.

I've always wondered what it would look like.

Georgia May Jagger for Harper's Bazaar.

photos by Hedi Slimane.

Time flies.

It's a new day, an opportunity to start over. A fresh new start.
It's never too late to make a change. It's your life and your time to shine.
What do you want to do? What are you going to do? What can you do today to make a change?
Just remember that time flies.

I am...


What's trust?

This is exactly why you shouldn't trust people.
And why is she telling her this on TV?


Russell James.

photo by Russell James.
I don't like when people smoke but because of some stupid reason, i happen to like it in pictures. I guess that the smoke just looks cool or something. Haha.
Russell James is an awesome photographer who shoots alot of beautiful, often naked, girls.
I really don't mind nudity that much as long as it's classy and not focused on sex, but on art and different types of beauty.

Gareth Pugh - Fall 2010

Mr. Pugh is a genius. I absolutely love this collection and i'd wear every single piece.
I saw this fashion show on tv a while ago and i immediately fell in love with his creations.
They're a bit weird and maybe not anything you'd wear everyday, but at the same time they're simple with an edge. I love it. Love. Loooooooooooooove.


This woman is so FUCKING BEAUTIFUL! Excuse my language, but she is. If i wanted to look like someone else, i'd probably want to look like her. Perfection - and yes, i know, there's no such thing.

Make me feel like a Queen.

.Alexander McQueen

I want it all.


Hurt Myself by hashmills

Street Portraits.

Photos by Sam Horine.

Silly in black and white.

Photos by my hubby.

I'm just acting silly.
Well... I'm being me.


I think about my future everyday.
I think about ways to make it better, about ways to make it like i want it to be.
I think about new projects and how to make them happen.
I think about the world and how i can change it, how we all can change it together.
I think about my family, my hubby, my friends.
I think about how to make myself happy.
I think about how me being happy could help the people around me.
I think about money.
I think about my life.
I think about us.
I think about even more money.
I think about ways to show everybody that i can do it.
I know i can.

Resident evil?

Zombie Pageant, pictures from villagevoice.

Halloween is coming up. Are you still thinking about what to dress up as?
The zombie theme seems to be popular. These pictures are from a zombie pageant that took place in New York.


Photo by my hubby, Hash Mills.

I took a manicure course about 3 years ago and that's when i realized how much i loved doing it.
The techniques, colors, the pearls... The fact that you could do basically anything you want with your nails inspired me. It's a way to show some personality and give that extra touch to your outfit.
I felt inspired last night and wanted to do something with dark blue and lots of bling.
Hope you like it!

A.F. Vandevorst - Spring 2011


A surprise on the bus.

Me and my hubby took the bus home today from town. On the bus, we sat next to some guy who had a big white box in his lap. I didn't really pay much attention to it but after a while, my hubby said that he thinks the guy has a living animal in that box.
I said naaah, i don't think so... I don't see any holes.
My hubby then took a closer look and he said it got holes in it!
So we started thinking about what he could have in that box... And at the next stop, the guy was getting off so my hubby asked: A cat?
The guy laughed and answered: No, a snake!


I said EWWWWWWWW and i wanted to say GET OFF, GET OFF but then i thought that wouldn't be too nice.
But if you know me, you know that i HATE snakes. I can't even see a picture of a snake without freaking out. I was so happy though that i didn't know the content of the box earlier. I don't really know what i would have done if i knew...

3.1 Phillip Lim - Spring 2011


Show love.

Me and my hubby at the Uppsala Reggae Festival. This picture makes me happy.

You know what... If you have someone you love and appreciate, tell that person right now how much he/she means to you! It doesn't have to be a partner, it could just be a friend or a family member. Everybody needs tome hear some kind words every now and then and people need to feel that someone cares about them.
I know i'm not the best at telling people how much they mean to me, it's hard for me to talk about my feelings but i'm getting better at it.
So, please tell someone right NOW that you care! It could even be a stranger, just give someone a compliment!

My hubby, you make me happy and you're truly appreciated.
Thank you for always being there for me. And, you rock at what you do! Go hubby, go!

Christian Dior - Fall 2010 Couture


More fuel?


Pictures from the Diesel Intimate F/W 2010 campaign

Diesel, oh Diesel... You really made me laugh! This campaign is hilarious. I don't really know why i think so but as soon as i saw these pictures, i just started laughing. I'm sorry. Hahaha.


photo by Alexandra Rydberg.

Gosh... It's so annoying to fall asleep on the couch or in bed with clothes on and then when you wake up you're super tired but you still need to brush your teeth etc and that makes you not tired anymore. Haha.
That kind of happened tonight but i'm still a bit tired though. But it's ok, i'll just look for more inspiration and then go to sleep.
What do you usually do when you can't sleep? Or, what do you usually do on the computer?
Think about it... Are you being productive or just wasting your time?

A toast for fashion.

I love her dresses.
Her style inspires me so you should expect to see more photos of this beauty.


picture by Hashim Mills.


.Jeffrey Campbell
.Jeffrey Campbell

I love shoes and today when i was looking around for some, i found these beauties. Which one is your favorite?


I'm sorry. I haven't posted anything in a few days but i just couldn't find any motivation. I know, sounds negative. But it's nothing really, i've just had other stuff to do. But i promise i'll get better at updating this blog.
So i'm still in Sweden and it started to snow last night! Damn. I hate snow. I hate the cold. I just wanna move to somewhere where it's almost never cold and just come back here to celebrate christmas.
Christmas is not too far away by the way, so you better start looking for gifts! Haha. I'll post some tips later on.

Be strong.


Never let people push you around.

London is not calling.


I'm supposed to go to London tomorrow but i can't because of personal reasons. Don't you just hate when you plan something and it doesn't happen? I do. Especially if it's something i've been looking forward to for a couple of months. Gaaah...

But whatever, time to move on and find something to do until i can book a new ticket. I'm really into making those knee-pieces right now. It takes some time and effort but it's worth it! I'm making one for my hubby right now so guys can wear them too!
If you're interested in getting one, just send me an email at:

I know, you've seen this picture before. But i don't have any pics of my new pieces yet.

Birthday suit.








It's the last day of the week. Another week that we won't ever get back. Every second that passes is a second that won't get repeated.
Time flies.

I've just been chillin all day, watched the movie "Stand by me" and baked for my hubby.
And oh, i'm almost done with another knee-piece. I'll show it to you when it's finished.

Love and respect.

Acne bomb.





For being the name of a skin disease, they make pretty cool stuff and i kind of want it all...




photo by Hashim Mills.


Sometimes, you have one of those days when you just want to say FUCK YOU to the world. Pardon my french, but it's just the truth. You know it, i know it and everybody else knows it too. We're only humans even though some of us loves to glorify others.


I used to do that a few years back. You know when you listen to some band or whatever and they're almost your Gods? Haha.

Or when you're going to a meeting, an interview or something of that sort. You may be super nervous but do you know what i usually do?

I just start thinking about the fact that we're all the same. That person in front of me poops too.

Yup, i wrote it.

Just remember that and never let anything or anyone stop you from doing what you love. Okaaaay? Great.

For men.




My hubby dressed in all white. This look is HOT!

Early morning.


pictures by Hashim Mills.


We had a mini photoshoot one early morning when we were walking home from town.

These pictures are not edited what-so-ever.




I want and need feathers. Brown ones and also peacock feathers! If you've got some or know where i can get some, please write me a comment or email me at:








.Nelly shoes


If i was going out this weekend, then i'd definitely wear something like this. It's simple, cool and not too expensive!

Match it with wavy hear, smokey eyes and red lips.

And oh, wear the blouse a little tucked in!





My hubby is a very talented artist. Every piece is unique, cool and interesting.

To see more or order his one of a kind art, go to:




You can also customize your own bag or painting if you want to!




Love is something truly amazing. I'm blessed to have found someone so passionate and beautiful. Someone who understands me and loves me for who i am. Someone i can talk to, laugh with and someone who thinks i look gorgeous without any make up on.

I have found someone that i want to be with. Forever.

He is my best friend, my soulmate and my love.

I love you.

Pimp your knees.



I've got a big box full of beads, chains and tools. So when i was looking through it today, i saw my chains and figured i could make a knee-piece.

Elin Kling.


Elin Kling.

I adore this look! I love how she's wearing four different colors and everything looks so good together. I'm really craving some leather pants right now!

By the lily lake.


photos by Alexandra Rydberg.


One day in Stockholm, we decided to have a little photoshoot. Orange eyebrows and a beautiful lily lake is all you need sometimes.

A new project.



.Kelly Denato .Jon Atkinson .Unknown

I've got alot of creatives ideas right now. These pictures are inspiration for my next big project. It's a project that's going to take a while and some hard work but stay tuned and you won't miss it!

Yours truly.


photo by hashim mills.


I've been productive today. Don't you just love those days? Those days when you get alot of things done. I'm not just talking about things that you can touch or see, i'm talking about thoughts aswell. Days when you've realized stuff and days when you feel 110% motivated and inspired.

I love this feeling.




.Erin Wasson


.Merle O'Grady

.Kenneth Jay Lane




I'm looking around for inspiration for our next video. These pictures of fashiontoast are absolutely gorgeous.

A great tip is to make moodboards with pictures that inspire and motivates you. Then you have something to look at that reminds you to not give up whenever you feel down.




Photos taken by me at the videoshoot for Shalo H.a.L - Rocket, rock it.




I love my 3-finger Love ring that i bought in London in march.

Jewellery is a good way to express yourself. I'll show you some of my own designs one day.

In Bethlehem.



I saw a movie two nights ago about Banksy and other street artists. "Exit Through The Gift Shop". It really inspired me and today i realized that i've got a picture of some Banksy art.
I took this picture this summer when i went to Palestine with my family.

Rocket, rock it.



A video that me and my hubby did the other day for his and Levelz group Shalo H.a.L.

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