I don't skate but i want these... Buy.em.make.em.


I miss New York.
I miss the states.
But most of all, I miss my love.
The one who makes me smile.
I hate being this far away from him. Having a long-distance relationship really sucks!
And don't let me get started on the time difference! 9h? Ugh.
He is currently in Vancouver so therefore the 9h time difference.
It's really hard but mama didn't raise me to be a quitter!
I'm staying strong, even if it's super hard.
See you soon, love!

I'm back?

I feel inspired. I feel the need to write again. The need to express my feelings and my deepest thoughts. Well, maybe not the deepest of the deepest but deep enough for you to get a piece of me. To get a piece of my aesthetics.
A piece of my inner voice...
Sounds weird, I know.
But everyday, I see things that inspire me. Some I wanna share, some I wanna keep to myself.
My computer broke down over a week ago and it's pretty sad to admit this but it's killing me. I need it back. I need my folder with inspirational pictures. Pictures of the world, people, jewelry, art... Everything.
Meanwhile, I'm using my moms computer so now it's time to find new pictures. I'm gonna try to blog more often and i'm thinking that i'll do it in english, since I want to reach out to as many people as possible.
Make sure that you come back!

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