That phone call.

My love called me today. Hearing his voice just felt so good. It's soothing and loving. It also reminded me of how long it has been since we said good bye at the airport. Almost 5 months. FIVE STUPID MONTHS. Such a waste of time.
My heart is broken and he's the only one who can fix it. I need to breathe the same air as him. 

My love. 

Fruit maniac in the rain.



Went downtown today and right when I got there, it started raining like crazy. Where's the sun?
Thinking of my baby who is enjoying the LA heat and palm trees. I'm so jealous!

Anywho. I'm changing my diet, step by step and I'm trying to eat A LOT of fruit. So I bought some mangos, kiwis and some other yummy things.
This is how I've always wanted to eat, but its hard when you're living with other people. I'm doing it though! 

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