Photo by my hubby, Hash Mills.

I took a manicure course about 3 years ago and that's when i realized how much i loved doing it.
The techniques, colors, the pearls... The fact that you could do basically anything you want with your nails inspired me. It's a way to show some personality and give that extra touch to your outfit.
I felt inspired last night and wanted to do something with dark blue and lots of bling.
Hope you like it!

London is not calling.


I'm supposed to go to London tomorrow but i can't because of personal reasons. Don't you just hate when you plan something and it doesn't happen? I do. Especially if it's something i've been looking forward to for a couple of months. Gaaah...

But whatever, time to move on and find something to do until i can book a new ticket. I'm really into making those knee-pieces right now. It takes some time and effort but it's worth it! I'm making one for my hubby right now so guys can wear them too!
If you're interested in getting one, just send me an email at:

I know, you've seen this picture before. But i don't have any pics of my new pieces yet.




I want and need feathers. Brown ones and also peacock feathers! If you've got some or know where i can get some, please write me a comment or email me at:

Pimp your knees.



I've got a big box full of beads, chains and tools. So when i was looking through it today, i saw my chains and figured i could make a knee-piece.




I'm looking around for inspiration for our next video. These pictures of fashiontoast are absolutely gorgeous.

A great tip is to make moodboards with pictures that inspire and motivates you. Then you have something to look at that reminds you to not give up whenever you feel down.


Rocket, rock it.



A video that me and my hubby did the other day for his and Levelz group Shalo H.a.L.

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