Artsy Fartsy.


I've had a super fun weekend and I enjoyed every minute of it. 

Friday: We went to our friends house and just chilled. The boys recorded some vocals and we had a really good time. My friend Brandi is a freelance hair & make up artist and she wanted to try a new look and asked me if I could be the model. I'll never say no to an offer like that! It feels so good when someone is doing your hair or make up haha... She did a very dark look with some blue in it! 

Saturday: A friend came over and we relaxed for a few hours before it was time to meet up with the friends from the night before! We headed out to a very artsy fartsy neighborhood where a photographer that Brandi worked with before were showing some of his work. The photographer's name is Steezy and I had never seen any of his work before so I didn't know what we were about to see... But, apparently, he likes naked women. Haha!
He had some reaaaally extreme art, pictures of women's private parts etc. A lot of people showed up and he sold every single piece! Very inspiring. 

When they closed, we left to catch the bus and happened to walk by another art opening. And let me tell you... We all loved it! His name was Sean ( and his art was just completely AMAZING. As soon as we stepped into his studio, we could smell the incense and he was playing some really relaxing music. It felt like meditation-heaven! We all went ohhh, ahhhh, wooooooow when we saw his work. 

Sunday: Me and my love met up with his twin. Haha, ok... They're not really twins but they were born on the same day. I've heard so much about that guy and Hashim is always putting his stickers everywhere. His friend is a very talented artist! 
He picked us up and we went to a neighborhood called Little Tokyo and ate some yummy food. I ordered beef curry with rice and it was delicious. 
After that, we went to Melrose and walked around for a bit and on the way home we stopped by this popular ice cream place called "Milk". I had some blueberry crumble pie and salty caramel! Holyyyyyyyy shi..... It was so good and made me miss my mom's amazing blueberry pie. 
So basically, today (sunday) was really all about FOOD haha... We had a good time and it was nice to see more of LA. It's waaaay easier when you have a car!

Right now, I'm eating some fruit and just relaxing. My babe is sleeping so I'm pretty bored...
I'll find something to do tho... I just wish I had some pizza! MMMMMMMMMMMMM.


2012-10-22 @ 10:57:31

Jag är glad för att ni fick en så rolig och händelserik helg tillsammans med era vänner. Kollade in på hemsidan om Seans konst och det var amazing som ni säger därborta i LA.

Svar: Då skulle du ha sett det i verkligheten!! :)

2012-10-22 @ 22:56:06

WOW! Vilka grejer! Och vilken helg! Är så glad för er, att ni upplever detta tillsammans. <3

Svar: Tack fina du!

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