I'm clumsy. Never used to be but I've been super duper clumsy lately...

Did you guys know that you could get bruises on the bottom of your foot? Ok, don't know if that's the proper word for it? But oh well, can't be a pro at everything! Haha...

Well, I didn't know that you could. But now when I think about it, it kinda makes sense? Anyways...

It was dark and I stepped on my charger. Hard. I screamed. Kinda like when you hit your funny bone and you're paralyzed for a minute or two? Haha... 
My charger is not sharp but it managed to scrape up some of the skin AND give me a bruise! A pretty big one. And it hurts. 

I told you i'm clumsy... But hey, I couldn't see anything so I blame it on that.

And now when I look down, I notice that I have a bruise on my ankle bone. Hahaha I just remembered that I hit it a few days ago... What the hell is wrong with me? Hahahaha.

My ouch-hand. I always seem to burn it, somehow... 


2012-10-17 @ 23:25:15

Baby sis, you have to be careful! :-)

Love you. <3

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