Fashion district.

So what do you guys think... Should I blog in english or in swedish? My mom wants me to blog in swedish haha...

Woke up early this morning because i'm heading out to go shopping with a friend in LA's fashion district! I'm really looking forward to it since I've heard so much about it. 
I'm hoping to find shoes, maybe a top or two and of course NAIL POLISH. Can't live without my polish.

We did our laundry last night and gosh, I can't believe that you have to pay $1 for each machine when it's IN YOUR BUILDING. Hahaha, that's just weird. 
Plus, my fave shirt shrunk in the dryer. Damn. It.

It takes me about 15 min to walk to the metro so I better get ready now!

Have a great day!


2012-10-11 @ 23:42:10

Än så länge går det bra med engelska - jag förstod allt du skrev haha

Svar: Haha, bra mami!

2012-10-13 @ 21:41:12

I know - svenglish! :-D

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