The Grove

Hello dear blog readers! Watitdew, like my love would say...

Today we had a mission. Job hunting! We went to the famous "The Grove", which is oooovvverrrated by the way! It was just one street, a really nice one though, with a bunch of stores.
And then we continued down Melrose... 

It was nice to see all of these areas that they always talk about on tv. My love told me about when he used to sell CD's on Melrose and sold some to Denzel Washington, Left Eye amongst others. 

It was super hot today aswell but not as hot as yesterday. I've been feeling ill today though, headache and a little nausea. Might have been because of some food or accidentally drinking some of the water? I don't know!


Have a great night/day, depending on where you live haha...

Found the picture on google.... So, this is THE GROVE. 


2012-10-19 @ 12:56:10

Hoppas du redan mår bättre. Är du illamående med dålig mage så brukar det hjälpa med att svälja hela vitpepparkorn (ca 7-8 st).
Krya på dig hjärtat

2012-10-20 @ 01:28:42

Älskade sis! Får ni ordning på någon kamera? Hoppas att ni har det kul på äventyret i nordamerika. Lite annat än gamla Svedala, hehe. Älskar dig. <3

Svar: Vi har tyvärr ingen kamera, förutom en filmkamera som vi filmar med då och då.

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